Sep. 20, 2018

Carnosaur 2 Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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A team of scientists go to a nuclear mining facility to investigate a possible meltdown and instead find a large amount of cloned dinosaurs.

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original title: Carnosaur 2

genge: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi

imdb: 3.5

duration: 1h 23min

tags: Back for another bite!

keywords: lowbudgetfilm, dinosaur, meltdown, team, bloodstain, tyrannosaurusrex, sequelbynameonly, clawscratch, reusedfootage, massacre, corridor, deadbody, cassetteplayer, tornapart, wagner, classicalmusic, he

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A team of scientists go to a nuclear mining facility to investigate a possible meltdown and instead find a large amount of cloned dinosaurs. Sweet Jesus what the hell did i just watch. if you want to watch one of the worst made, worst acted, worst overall job on a movie, then you've come to the right place. Carnosaur 2 features NONE of the same actors, directors, or even writers of the first one. i watched carnosaur 1 and it has no relation to this movie at all (another crappy movie by the way). if you want to rent a horrible movie to laugh at, then this is a great one for doing so. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANYONE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH PURCHASE THIS PIECE OF CRAP. it has a replay value of about, oh, lets say, none. my favorite part by far was when you could clearly see the outline of a person walking around in the suit when he is about to kill the token black guy at the beginning of a movie. unnecessary cussing and absolutely zero plot add to the fun. i am so looking forward to watching carnosaur 3. WARNING: SPOILERS--When I saw this movie, I wondered whether the people who made the film had nothing to do and just engineered this movie's existence. I hate Carnosaur 2. The acting is poor, the text was garbage, and worst of all: the plot, the story, the characters, and every geekin' thing in the movie was all copied from ALIENS, my favourite movie. Every scene in Carnosaur 2 came from ALIENS. For instance, when these two guys are cornered by the monsters, one decides to blow both him and the other guy up with dynamite. This scene came from ALIENS, where the commander takes himself and a wounded soldier out with a grenade when they are trapped by aliens. Another scene: When the woman is prepping the helicopter for take-off, a monster appears behind her, kills her, and the chopper blows up. In ALIENS, when the evacuation craft is on its way to pick up the soldiers, an alien stows away onboard, then later kills the pilot and causes the ship to crash. Yet another scene: When the character goes to rescue the boy and get out of the base before it blows up, they are confronted by a bigger mother monster, and the boy drives a forklift and drops it down the elevator shaft. In ALIENS the woman goes to rescue the little girl, but are confronted by an alien queen, which later stows away in the evacuation ship and attacks the two. The woman then uses a robotic loader and drops it down an airlock. I COULD GO ON FOREVER! Carnosaur 2 is just a waste of time. A message to anyone who thinks Carnosaur 2 is not bad: Go watch ALIENS. If you think ALIENS copied Carnosaur 2: Then look at the years when both movies were made.


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